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Xyuas - Ntawm no koj tuaj yeem tawm ntawm koj cov lus pom zoo lossis tsis zoo


  • Great service, did a one trial order to Australia with very difficult customs department. Got here in u der 7days. I will order again

  • These guys are rip off artistsXCHARXthey guaranteed 100% delivery and my package got stopped by customs controlXCHARXand now I am not sure if will be red flagged by the governmentXCHARXnot impressed!

  • Came to Thailand on vacation and forgot my hgh. The person at HGH Thailand was fast to answer and help with a pen. Delivery was same day! The cost is higher than the reconstituted type but the brand name and convenience makes up for it. We will try the international shipping when we return home. Great service, thanks!

  • a little expensive – but the product is great!

    I’ll buy again

  • Good service from this company, fast delivery


Cia ib saib

Thov nco ntsoov, cov lus yuav tsum tau pom zoo ua ntej lawv luam tawm